Monday, August 18


Some men are are just too good at breaking hearts. Take Sebastian for instance, a good looking guy from the United States. We met when he was juggling on the streets. I took him home because he needed a shower, and from then on I became his friend. The summer afterwards I flew to Charleston, South Carolina, where I became a part of his life. This meant: tracking from city to city by greyhound, or if we had no money we would hitch. Our goal was to make it to Cuba, but we never made it there. We slept outside, on the beaches of Key West, curled up on blankets that I brought from home.
We’d make love underneath the palmtrees, buy pineapple for breakfast, smoke about two packs a day. And most important of all: we would juggle, as if juggling was the only thing on earth.
Sebastian would throw burning sticks in the air and I would lie beneath him, trying to avoid the flames.
Sebastian would scream: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Come Have a Look!”
People would gather around us and throw out their coins and dollar bills.
Everybody would say: “We Want More!”
We’d go back to the beach and smoke marihuana, maybe we’d swim naked if we got the chance.
Little did I know that he had about five different girlfriends, all at the same time.
Sebastian juggled women, just like he juggled sticks.
When I confronted him he said: “Don’t be offended. I love you all.”