Friday, August 15


It’s hard to date without drama these days. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary describes a date as a “meeting with a person of the opposite sex”, but maybe this is stretching the concept too far. I miss the days when the rules between men and women were cristal clear. You were asked by someone to go out for dinner and could either accept or decline. When accepted, you’d exchange basic information about your life, (never too much) linger over one glass of wine (never more) and perhaps you’d end the evening with a kiss. That was it. Both parties had about five days to digest the experience and decide if they wanted more. Then the phone would ring, a gentle voice would say: ‘How are you?’ and you’d answer: ‘Fine.’ Light and breezy, but a bit mysterious perhaps. The voice would say: ‘So are you free on Saturday Night? You would sigh, flick through the pages of your diary, sigh again and say: ‘I’m very busy but I guess that I have time.’ Those were the days.