Sunday, August 24


Last night I met my old highschool friend C. for dinner. At age eighteen we travelled to Spain together where we lived for more than a year. We spent about three months in Malaga and then decided to try our luck in Madrid, where we were both employed as au-pairs. Looking back we both agree it was one of the happiest moments of our lives, a time when we didn’t think much about life but just lived it, jumping from one fun experience to the next. She said: “I still have that picture of you when you were trying out bras in the supermarket.” The basis of this friendship is that we both look up to eachother, we have a mutual admiration which may not be based on fact. She always thought I was great with people, I always felt she made friends easier than me. Of course our lives are differerent now, we’ve changed and our desires changed aswell. Our desires are focused on a better career, a nicer house, the furniture we cannot yet afford. Gone are the days when we jumped into fountains and sang in a band. Such clean cut desires we have, you could almost put them in a vase.