Monday, August 11


Compared to that trip, this one was quiet. While waiting for a taxi at La Gare du Nord a stranger spoke to me. He was wearing a dark leather jacket and a blue scarf. ´You need a taxi­­­­? ´ he asked, while studying my face. It´s always a risky business to trust handsome strangers, especially when travelling alone. ´Sometimes you need to trust people,´ he said, as if he could read my thoughts.
The stranger took my trolley and attached it to his motorbike. ´This is my moto taxi,´ he explained, ´after this, you´ll never want anything else.´
I could not help but smile at him. Somehow this stranger must be heaven sent, I thought, someone who knows how much I like to ride. We set off with matching helmets, still talking through the microphone that was attached. ´Don´t go too fast,´ I´d say while holding on to my baguette of La Brioche DorĂ©e. I love driving through Paris, especially past endless traffic jams.
´Are you meeting somebody special?´, he asked as we slowed down.
´Kinda,´ I answered, which was partly true. ´He´s not my boyfriend though, he´s just a friend.´
´If I were to meet you I´d show you around Paris,´ he said. ´I´d show all the sites you´ve never seen before.´ Anyone can tempt me with well chosen words.
When he dropped me off I paid him the amount he asked. ´Look at your hair,´ he said, ´you still look good.´