Sunday, August 24


Getting the first tattoo was painful, getting the second one was worst. Sebastian held my hand when we entered the shop in New York. If I had to remember the joy and pain men inflicted, I might aswell decide to get it on my skin. A bearded guy brought out a book with lots of pictures in it. He looked at me and said: “You seem to be the kind of girl for multiple piercings, are you sure that this is what you want?” Of course I wasn’t sure, how can anyone ever be sure about wanting more pain. Besides that, I hadn’t slept on a normal bed for ages, it was impossible to make a rational decision at the time.
The bearded guy took out a pencil and started to draw. Sebastian started to comment on where exactly it should be. He followed the movements as if all of my skin belonged to him.
I felt like I would slip straight out of consciousness, right there, before it was too late. But when the needle touched my body I relaxed.