Monday, October 13


Terrible nightmare last night. Dreamt I had to give a reading somewhere, but I couldn’t speak, no sound came from my mouth. I looked at the pages and none of the sentences made sense, the words looked like they were bleeding off the page. Then I stare at the audience only to discover almost everyone is drunk. In the crowd I discover an old friend from college (Name Deleted), who is now a well known writer. He hands me his book and says: “Here read from this.” I rush through the pages, start reading at random, but there’s hardly any text. A little girl in the audience looks at me, and I make up a two minute story, something for children, even if it’s totally ridiculous. I look at Name Deleted and think: did we sleep together once? Then I remember: Thank God we didn’t, but we came so close. In the end I finish reading and the lady who organised it comes up to me. I tell her: “I wasn’t feeling well.” She says: “maybe you should have cancelled.” And then I faint.
Only to wake up in my own bed.