Thursday, October 16


Had dinner and drinks with C., who just returned from a short visit to Berlin. She told me her boyfriend rented two bikes to cycle through town, which she enjoyed. On the last night they stopped for a beer at some Beer Stube, where after some nervous hesitation he proposed.
“He proposed to you at a Beer Stube?” I ask. “What kind of man would do that?” She said he popped the question in a somewhat clumsy way, saying: “How would you feel if I would ask you to marry me?”
To which she responded: “I guess I would feel very happy and more than likely I would not say no.”
He then finally dared to ask 'the real question', to which she said Yes.
“Please don’t turn into Bridezilla,” I tell her, referring to other girlfriends whose only topic of conversation is their special day. Date and venue are fixed, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done. While talking I could not help but wonder: is marriage a shortcut or a detour to happiness? I tell myself I have to focus on my career, even if having a career is completely meaningless.