Friday, October 24


Lately the dreams I’ve been having are freaking me out. Some of them are about sex, which may not surprise you, but not in a healthy, wholesome way. The first dream features Name Deleted, who’s taken me on a minitrip to a remote village somewhere. The village is completely empty, there’s almost nothing to see, except for a small church and a local restaurant. While walking he whispers: “I think we should do it right here, outside, right on the street.” I look at him and say: “Are you crazy?” And when he shakes his head I start to run. After a few minutes he catches me and drops his pants. He’s out of breath and so am I but when he pulls my body into his I look down and discover there is nothing there.
The second dream features Mr. Dress, who’s invited me to party at his place.
When I get there, it turns out that his house is a perfect copy of Hugh Hefner’s grotto, only instead of water there are clothes and books. The grotto consists of two layers, connected by a small staircase made out of wood. Both layers are completely cluttered, there are books right up to the ceiling, and clothes everywhere on the floor. I ask him: "How can you live like this, how can you live your life inside a cave?" He tells me that he doesn’t care, but that I left my favourite sweater, somewhere in between his books.