Thursday, October 23


Wasn’t feeling too great today, so decided to hit the shops. Needed to buy a pair of sensible shoes and a raincoat, but instead I came home with:
-a grey turtleneck (Why? Because I don’t live on the Côte d’Azur, that’s why).
-a purple turtleneck (When grey becomes boring, purple will do the trick).
-a flimsy red top (Not to wear to the office, but on a hot date with Nicolas Sarkozy).
-a sand coloured top, size extra small, just to show off my boobs.
- a black and white stripy shirt, because every girl should have a black and white stripy shirt.
There were a lot of skirts that I liked, but I didn’t bother trying them on. If I buy a new skirt, it means I have to look for new boots, which is a pain in the neck. There’s a big difference between sensible shopping and therapy shopping, even if both will make you feel good. So now I'm feeling like the sweater queen.