Friday, December 12


Moto taxi guy didn’t have a kitchen, just a watercooker and a microwave. When I suggested to have dinner he surprised me with three gifts. The first was a small incense holder in the shape of a young boy. The second a notebook with Japanse calligraphy on the outside. The third a book by Edward Said I had read before. “Out of Place,” I said, gently stroking the cover, “thanks for getting this for me.” He almost looked as if he blushed.
For some time I figured there was some mysterious connection between these gifts, that the hidden message was: “You’re out of place, but so am I so just relax cause you can always read.”
Or: “You’re out of place so take a hobby like calligraphy.”
Whatever the message was, it didn’t sound like: “you’re out of place but I don’t care.” However, looking at the baby photos of Edward Said made me feel very sad. Perhaps happiness would hit me later, somewhere in a cafĂ© or a restaurant.