Tuesday, December 23


There are a lot of things that make my moto taxi guy attractive, but there are also many things that I don’t like. To start with the obvious: he drinks and smokes too much. Around noon he will have some white wine, and around four, when I am having herbal tea, he’s ready for pastis. This worries me a bit. The other thing is that he likes to clean. A lot. Now I have nothing against a decent amount of hygiene, but this guy doesn’t seem to stop. Last weekend he announced that he would clean the bird shit of his balcony. When I told him bird shit was part of life in Paris, he looked at me as if I came from Mars. Then there are music videos: why does he think I like to wake up to the sound of Wham? The last time I paid any attention to George Michael must have been when I was twelve. Then there are books: the guy doesn’t read more than two books a year, because he says he doesn’t like to dream. In his eyes reading is just dreaming with your eyes glued to a page. Then there is the biggest difference between us: he likes to wear thongs. Maybe this is a French thing, or maybe I’m oldfashioned, but I don’t like a man without a covered ass. Besides that, I can’t date someone with better taste in underwear than me.