Wednesday, January 14


New Year’s eve was a small disaster, just like I expected it to be. The highlight of the evening consisted of watching Mamma Mia, which I must say I enjoyed. Moto taxi guy brought some champagne, which we drank naked while watching tv. After that we watched Baraka, and it felt like being sucked into the screen. About a hundred times a day I say want to change my life, but is it possible to really change? There is an endless chain of endless lovers and not one can set me free. My New Year’s resolutions are very simple this year: in 2009 I plan to inflict my prose upon the world (I know you want it, don’t resist).
There should also be some room for travel and perhaps a few exciting love affairs. I won’t lose any weight, I won’t take up sports and I definitely won’t be friendlier to men. Perhaps I should accept the fact that other people won’t change my life, at least not drastically.