Saturday, February 21


There’s a small piece of information that I haven’t shared with you yet: the guy I have been sleeping with for the past months is married. No, I didn’t know this when we first met. All I knew was that he had a thirteen year old son, and there would obviously still be contact with the mother of his child. It turns out that his wife needed a break and now she has decided that she wants him back. Their son has a rare form of ADD and needs his father to be around. I’ve never been in a situation where I’m ‘’the other woman” (it’s such a cliché) and where I feel jealous just because he has a wife and child. He now gets away with “I’m being a faithful and responsible husband” while still having me on the side. Yesterday I felt desperate enough to type “why do men cheat” into google and was quite surprised by the amount of hits I got. If this question is easy to answer (they cheat because they can, because it makes them feel good, because they need a change of menu now and then), the question google doesn’t seem to answer is why women let them get away with it. If it works for me it’s because I need the affection without having a man who controls my life. In theory this would work out perfectly. Because our time is limited it makes it more intense. He gets the thrill of the chase, I get all the affection without having to cook. But in reality it just feels wrong.