Tuesday, February 24


If you believe in perfection you could say today was a perfect day. No drama, no nightmares, no irritable bowle syndrome or unexplainable cramps. I’ve been trying to live without wanting more than what I’ve got, without having unrealistic expectations of men, colleagues or family, and so far I feel my situation has slightly improved. Yesterday I told my Moto taxi guy I might be falling in love with him. I asked if he could please do something to prevent it or I’d go insane. He responded in a very mature and friendly way: he took me to Ikea. There is no other place on earth that makes you not want to settle down or have a family. I pretended to be interested in kitchens, cutlery and multifunctional wooden cupboards. On the way out we bumped into somebody he knew and I felt like I had ‘guilty’ written all over my face.
When they shook hands I wanted to say: “don’t look at me, I’m just a friend.” But I didn’t have to say anything. We exhanged a smile and walked towards the exit, trying to look innocent.