Monday, February 16


Valentinesday was almost like a normal Saturday. There was a card from my mother, and a short message from a friend. She sent me this self help book: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
All those books give the same warning: don’t ever ask if he loves you, you’ll find out soon enough. If I’m in a relationship I have to ask when he is planning on leaving me. There is no point in hiding any insecurity, he already knows. For the first time in ages Moto taxi guy didn’t perform as I expected him to do. On Friday he announced that he would make me tea if I would get into his bed. When I asked him if he was planning on leaving me he said I was naive. How could a man give a truthful answer to that? Blame it on the weather but something went wrong that night. His equipment failed him, and when he asked if I was dissapointed, all I said was: “how can I give a truthful answer to that?” And then I kissed his cheek.