Friday, March 27


One of the good things in life is that I always get my period on time.
The pain is usually quite bad and starts about three days in advance.
That’s why I was surprised that this month I did not seem to get my period at all. I threw up before breakfast on Wednesday morning, right before leaving for work. The emotional part of my brain said: I must be pregnant, while the rational part of my brain said: This cannot be. The fact is that I would not mind having children, but I would mind raising them on my own. I can just imagine the conversation when the child is grown: “Your father was married to another woman and I was his sidedish while she was away.” The child will grow up hating his parents for being so completely irresponsible.
Every now and then I run to the toilet to check if there is some good news. Meanwhile I’m just waiting for flow to come to town.