Sunday, March 1


There are some things that a woman should not want to find out. For example: why did my last boyfriend dump me? Was it the hair, the jacket, the pink sweater I wore on our last date? You could ask him and risk making a total fool out of yourself, or you could pretend to be this wise and detached woman and add the mystery to the other mysteries of life. The subject came up this weekend when I went to visit a friend in Amsterdam. She recently moved in with her boyfriend and has this amazing job. She also just returned from a trip to Thailand and wears all the right clothes. I feel that no matter what I wear - Karen Millen, Ralph Lauren or Chanel - I still look like a fourteen year old. When I told her about the recent developments in my love life she laughed and ordered some more wine. At the same time there was something judgemental in her face. I told her not to judge the situation, maybe this was just about sex, maybe life was too short to be a saint. She asked: “what happened to your last boyfriend, why don’t you give him a call?”
We were sitting in the same bar where we had lunch before.
I said: “He proposed to me and then disappeared into thin air, do you expect me to call him and ask him how he is?”
“No, not if he’s a mental patient,” she said. “Then just let it go.”