Sunday, March 29


Last night I spent an hour on the phone with the possible father of my child. He was on his way to spend the weekend with his family. He said that I should see the doctor on Monday, if nothing happened during the weekend. I asked him: “What if you were single, would you then consider keeping this child?” He said that it wasn’t his decision to take, I would have to take that decision by myself. I rephrased and said: “If this child was born, and you were single, wouldn’t you be happy with it?” He replied by saying that he couldn’t give any guarantees, and that there would be a chance I’d have to raise the child all by myself. "What do you mean?" I asked, touching my stomach with one hand. His exact words were: “Well, there might be a day that I would just stop calling you and disappear into thin air.” That killed all the romance I still had inside. There´s nothing romantic about being a single mom. I guess it is less painful if he disappears into thin air today.