Saturday, March 28


The worst case scenario would be that I am pregnant. At first Moto Taxi Guy didn’t believe me when I mentioned the word ‘pregnancy.’ He figured I might be making up another story, one that would prevent that he would lose interest in me. To tell you the truth, I could not care less if he would lose interest, perhaps I would be quite relieved. My intuition tells me that he has already found himself a new girlfriend, one that is just as gullible as I was, and all his talk about ‘how he never felt this way’ was sweet and empty, some easy pickupline. Of course I am not surprised when the word ‘abortion’ comes up. Moto Taxi Guy sounds like he has dealt with this situation before. I mention he must know the way to the nearest abortion clinic, judging from his experience. Since a few weeks he doesn’t think I’m funny anymore. I’m turning into a real woman: demanding, suspicious, a bit needy at times. This is not what an extra-marital affair is about. I should be happy, adoring, craving for sex. Instead I feel like throwing up and crying when he smiles.