Tuesday, April 21


Perhaps you are wondering how it ended between Moto Taxi Guy and me. On Friday morning he dropped me off at the airport in one of his many cars. I felt quite grateful, because otherwise I would have taken the train. He kissed me on the mouth as if it was the last kiss ever, and strangely enough I did not know it was. At the airport I sent him a text message to which he replied: you’re welcome have a safe flight x. I tend to read much more into an x than there actually is. He then returned to his safe suburban home and spent Easter with his wife and child. I put my phone into my suitcase and did not look at it for five entire days. Three months ago he would send the sweetest and corniest text messages ever: I miss you my darling x / I spend a lot of time thinking about you x / you are so yummie x / Last night was great x / Did you sleep well? x / Are you awake yet? x / At what time do you finish work? x / What would you like for breakfast? x / Can I give you a massage? x
There was always an x at the end of every line. At the end of this three month affair I’m thinking if I can blame him for giving me what I apparently needed: superficial contact and shallow pick-up lines.