Saturday, May 9


On Thursday night I went to see a ballet performance with some colleagues, called Click Pause Silence. Even though I love to dance I had not been to a performance in ages. There’s something slightly perverted in watching people express all of their emotions physically, while staying inert in your chair. It confronted me with how unnatural my daily reality is. During the break my colleagues spoke about the Opera in Paris and what the difference is between the Opéra Bastille and Opéra Garnier. (“Did you not know it? If you want to hear Opera you go to Bastille, you go to Garnier if you want to see ballet”). We almost left during the second break, since we were unaware that the performance had three parts. I like to watch the movement of bodies, even without reading the explanation in the booklet that comes with the art. The explanation tends to be a bit heavy (‘sometimes you click with people, then there is a pause, then there is silence’) but the movement of silent dancers should say enough. It’s all about the inadequecy of human relations, the inabilty to connect with other people, while at the same time wanting what you fear the most.