Sunday, May 17


Despite the weather forecast, it almost rained on C.’s wedding day. She looked so happy that it made me want to laugh and cry. There’s something very confusing about witnessing somebody elses happiness, especially if it is obviously so profound. You want to ask them: how do you do it? How can you be so certain that you want to see eachother every single day? Of course there are no logical answers to that. C. told me that it just felt right with him, she knew he’d make her happy, she knew he was the one for her. Together there would be more harmony in their lives. I don’t think I ever wanted somebody so bad or felt that I was wanted in that way. There’s something very possessive about being in love. Meanwhile I tried to see if there were some interesting Italian men in the crowd. After the ceremony I got talking to some dark eyed business men from Rome. One of them seemed quite attractive, except for the facial hair on his nose. Call me critical, but I just can’t have the hots for someone who will have to shave his nose.