Saturday, August 15


Coupland wrote something about shame and impulsivity which I wanted to quote today, but now I’ve lost the piece of paper with the quote on it. Was it that impulsivity is nothing to be ashamed of? Or that you should fear nothing, execpt your own impulsivity? In any case I have decided that I want to quit my job. You could say that quitting your job when everybody talks about recession is a very risky thing to do. Or you could say that it’s time for a new challenge, time to broaden your horizon, whatever your economic situation is. Of course I wish I was more like normal people. I wish I could feel satisfied with climbing the corporate ladder, with sucking up to bosses and people in upper management. The more I see people sucking up around me, the more I want to run away and live my life out on a farm. My dream is to escape from capitalism and grow my own food. To live life without internet, a televison or a mobile phone. Maybe one day.