Tuesday, August 11


My six year old newphew is staying with us for a week. He arrived in the village with his wallet, asking if he could go shopping somewhere, Yes, he comes from London, so maybe country life will be a shock. I like being Auntie Margot, it’s new, it’s refreshing, it feels like I was born this way.
After being bored for the first day he is now slowly getting used to rural France.
First shock: Carrots grow in a field, not in a plastic bag with Tesco written on them.
Second shock: Nobody here speaks English, and all the French people have funny unpronounceable names.
Third and most unexpected shock: all the dishes that my auntie makes have courgette in them.
After dinner he plays hide and seek in the garden and writes short stories about butterflies.He also writes stories about ‘dark, dark castles’ and eyeball soup. Yes, I know there is a family connection there.