Tuesday, October 6


My short trip to Italy not only cured me of Italian men, it basically cured me of men in general.
The first few days were pleasant, men of every age, posture or race reminded me that yes, in their eyes I was beautiful. How lovely to hear to word over and over again, especially when one feels rather down about oneself. While walking down the street, sitting down for coffee or preparing for a short trip to the shops, everywhere men stare at you and tell you what they think of your physique. After five days of non stop harrasment, I started to understand the icy behaviour of Italian girls. No wonder their attitude is ‘talk to the hand’ if everyone approaches you as if you are fresh meat. The first few days I wanted to be meat, to be desired only for the body that I have. But after a few days I realised: maybe I don’t just want to be desired for my body. Could it be that anyone would feel desire for my brain? An impossible question to answer, at least when you are walking down the streets in Southern Italy.