Saturday, January 23


Finally I’ve made The Big Decision: I’ll be leaving for London next week. I'm not sure yet how long I will stay, but it will be nice to have a change of air. Finding an appartment or a room in Central London turned out to be a bigger challenge than I thought. The agency I contacted found me a room near Canada Water, which turned out to be miles away. To me the words ‘Canada Water’ sounded refreshing, like I would be living near a forest or a little lake. My brother, who has been living in London for ten years, freaked out when I mentioned those words. ‘’There’s no way you’ll rent a room near Canada Water,” he said. “That area is completely unsafe.” So I called the agency, explained the situation, asked them if they had a room uptown. I mentioned the words “Hampstead, West Hampstead” but the lady answered: “Hampstead is a wealthy area.” Finally they came up with a solution: I will now be living at a B&B. The idea of living at a B&B is quite exciting, even though there is no kitchen, and so I imagine to be eating fish and chips each night. The location, I must say, is perfect, very close to some museums and a shopping area. My brother taugth me this big city lesson: “London is all about location. Even if it means not being able to cook.”