Thursday, January 7


C. and I went to see a movie last night. Since she had to leave early we had a choice between two films: ‘Capitalism, a Love Story’ or ‘It’s complicated,’ with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. After some hesitation we decided that we’d go to see ‘It’s complicated,’ since Michael Moore would not make us feel half as good as Meryl Streep. It turned out that this was a mistake. The dialogue in ‘It’s complicated’ is as exciting as watching a cricket match. The face of Steve Martin (who obviously had plastic surgery) just gave me the creeps. If this was the Christmas movie of the year, then what was the world coming to? The only relaxing feature was watching Merly Streep bake chocolate croissants in her kitchen, the amazing Hollywood kitchen I would not be able to afford. I expect the actors needed the money somehow.