Tuesday, January 26


Met up with C. for a quick lunch today. We are both unemployed at the moment, trying to decide what to do next. The only difference is that she also has to decide about having a baby, and I only have to decide about getting a job. While we were talking I spilled some hot coffee over the table. C. ordered bagels and water, I ordered some more juice. After half an hour an ambulance parked outside the window. Two male nurses walked in. I like watching male nurses, it reminds me of the fact some people make a conscious effort to be good. They walked towards a young man who was looking rather pale and asked him if he was allright. “I’m hallucinating,” the young man said. “I have the feeling I can’t breathe.” The male nurses entered the restaurant with a yellow stretcher. The young man looked as if he was about to die. C. and I looked at eachother and then looked towards the staff. What kind of cheese cake did they serve him? Did they bake a special kind of brownie here? When he was carried out of the restaurant I decided that perhaps this was a sign. Instead of thinking about life I should just live it: one never knows how your next cup of tea may end.