Saturday, December 31


This Christmas there was no time to get bored. Before the celebrations started, my mother and I had our Annual Christmas Fight about Nothing. After the Annual Christmas Fight about Nothing we opened some presents and watched two dvd’s. The next day, during breakfast, my cat (yes, I have not told you this yet, but I have a cat) presented a dead mouse next to the pancake on my plate. Of course I started screaming, but my mother was relieved. Apparently there is a family of mice that moved in some months ago. After my mother removed the dead mouse we opened more presents. Perhaps getting rid of that mouse was cruel, but I didn’t want to think about it much.

Saturday, December 24


Going home for Christmas... Back in a bit.

Friday, December 23


Reading Rosita Steenbeek’s ‘At Home in Rome’ which is entertaining and informative. To satisfy our voyeuristic side, Rosita has included pictures of her shower, writing table and roof terrace. Apparently her appartment is part of a church, a fact which sounds intriguing and mysterious. On rainy days I wish I could be like Rosita, drinking cappuccino on my roof terrace in Rome.

Wednesday, December 21


This morning, while sitting in the bus on the way to work, I saw my ex-boyfriend on his bicycle. Maybe his new girlfriend lives in my area, cause I had never seen him there. Surprisingly enough he looked very happy; he smiled at me and waved. I was expecting him to cycle behind the bus and scream: “Margot, please wait! You are the love of my life!” But when the bus moved he just cycled on as planned.

Tuesday, December 20


Preparing mentally for Christmas. Most members of the Morgan family don't ever wish to see eachother again. We'll see how it goes this year.

Monday, December 19


My mother called to tell me she had a huge argument at the bank. Apparently there’s a new rule saying you can only deposit money five times a year, after which you are charged.
‘I’ve now cancelled all my bank accounts,’ my mother said with a mixture of anger and pride. ‘After all it’s my money, and I decide what to do with it.’
‘Are you going to spend it on a cruise?’ I asked.
‘A cruise or possibly jewellery, in case there will be another war.’

Sunday, December 18


In January I’ll be going to Saas Fee, for a short and decadent skiing trip. I’ve been eating peanut butter sandwiches all year to be able to afford this trip. My Italian friend A. has rented an appartment for us, which we will share with a Scandinavian lady who blogs about food. I’m expecting I won’t have to cook.

Saturday, December 17


Recently I had my horoscope compared to that of someone I love, but the astrologer told me it would never work out. She said all I can help him with is time management.
So I guess there’s no romantic future; I don’t want to manage someone’s time.

Friday, December 16


During our annual office Christmas lunch a colleague asked me: ‘So, what does your father do?’
I smiled and told her he’s a famous actor, now living in Hollywood. We then ordered more vitello tonnato, and I changed the subject to champagne.

Thursday, December 15


Even though I dumped the professor in a nice way (by pretending I was very busy), he still continued stalking me. We kissed after dinner, but it wasn’t a great kiss, since his breath smelled of alcohol. Of course he was married, a minor detail, and still wore his silver wedding ring. The next day he sent me four e-mails, which only showed me he was desperate. It’s impossible to feel desire when you see despair.

Wednesday, December 14


On twitter someone wrote: “I told my boyfriend he was bad in bed, so he banged me on the coffee table.” It’s a good sentence, but I’d like to know what happened next.

Tuesday, December 13


Last summer I read a book called: ‘Nice girls don’t get the corner office – 101 unconscious mistakes women make that sabotage their careers.’ It’s basically about how women are conditioned to act like girls, and how they continue this behavior even in their professional life. While reading this book I felt a bit of a relief, maybe I should finally quit being a girl, even if it’s rewarding and easy and feels natural at times. I don’t cry at the office, but I do take notes, apply lipstick in public and make coffee for my male colleagues. I’m still not sure if I’m conditioned to act this way, or if I secretly enjoy sabotaging myself.

Sunday, December 11


So I’m back from London and I have a parttime job. Despite all the effort I have put into it, I do not want to work as a teacher, at least not in the coming months. It seems that I have made a lot of bad decisions, but there is nothing I can do to change the past. If there is anything I have learnt in London it is that I can achieve a lot, if only I push myself. Maybe happiness isn’t about relaxing; maybe happiness is about working hard, getting up early and not being a quitter in life.

Saturday, December 10


On Thursday night I went to see Habemus Papam, starring Nanni Moretti as a shrink. I love Nanni Moretti, though I normally don’t feel attracted to men with that much facial hair. I was actually supposed to have dinner with a professor from the University of Vienna, but I cancelled last minute. Somehow the thought of having sex with a professor was a complete turn off. Call me old fashioned, but I wish he felt desire for my brain.

Monday, November 28


Yesterday I lost my favourite bra. It's not the end of the world, but it still feels like a loss.