Tuesday, February 28


My mother cried for hours after she heard the news about Prince Friso. We've always felt close to the Royal Family.

Monday, February 27


In my dream I slept with Arnon Grunberg, but his mother walked in on us. I covered my body with his sheets, but she didn't seem to notice me. They continued talking as if I wasn't there. In the end I started cleaning his room, naked, but she still didn't notice me.

Saturday, February 25


Sometimes I'm tired of being Margot. But recently I found out I have readers in Russia. So I guess I have to continue. I don't want to let my Russian readers down.

Thursday, February 23


In a way you have to give Strauss-Kahn credit, for providing us free comedy. The guy apparently can't tell the difference between a secretary and a prostitute. Dear Dominique, if you read this: secretaries usually like to keep their clothes on, when they're at work. They also get paid considerably less per hour. If this is too confusing please ask your wife. Why she hasn't divorced you yet is another mystery.

Tuesday, February 21


I'm not a Catholic, but I'd like to try and fast for a few weeks. There's happiness in denying yourself pleasure.

Monday, February 20


Lately I've been watching a lot of Oprah Winfrey dvd's. Oprah says you should take care of yourself, because you are worthy of taking care of. She also suggests keeping a gratitude journal, listing five things you are grateful for every day. Does it sound cheesy? I'm grateful for knowing Oprah.

Thursday, February 16


Yesterday I had a small panic attack when I came home: there was no connection to the internet. I checked all the cables, turned off the computer, but it still didn’t work. Turned out my cat had thrown my modem on the floor. Sometimes it’s good to go cold turkey.

Wednesday, February 15


Valentine’s Day was a small disaster of course. Or in the words of Jim Carey: ‘Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap. ’ I’m wishing for the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Tuesday, February 14


This morning, on my way to work, I saw a young woman who was reading: ‘how to be happy in Holland – a practical guide.’ Her face looked very pale and serious, as if she really needed some advice. I wanted to run up to her and hug her, but at the same time didn’t want to freak her out. Let’s hope her practical guide is practical.

Monday, February 13


Recently my library changed it’s customer service desk: you now pay your membership to a machine. In theory I don’t mind minimizing human contact, but not when it comes to books.

Thursday, February 9


I’d like a small cappuccino,’ I told the guy behind the counter. He looked tired and angry, as if he hated his life. ‘We only have one size,’ he said, and put the paper cup in front of me.
That’s what you get from visiting Starbucks too often; wishing things in life were small.

Tuesday, February 7


Just finished reading Hanif Kureishi’s short stories, which are mainly about men who drink too much and cheat on their wives. Apparently Kureishi was accused of copying his own life and disguising real events as fiction. If this is true then bad relationships can still result in good literature.

Sunday, February 5


Guess what. if you read Dutch, you can now buy a part of my first book: http://www.tenpages.com/manuscript/de_verovering
If you don't read Dutch don't worry, there's still time to learn.

Friday, February 3


I’m not sure if C. and I are still friends. Last time we saw eachother she stormed into my favourite restaurant, saying: ‘I didn’t have time to buy you a birthday present, cause the Polish ambassador was my priority this week.’ She was forty minutes late, wore a new black dress and the highest heels I’ve ever seen. ‘Maybe you should have dinner with the Polish ambassador,’ I replied. She ordered pasta puttanesca and a glass of sparkling wine. We then pretended to have a normal conversation, but she never looked into my eyes.

Thursday, February 2


On Wednesday night my shower broke, but I managed to fix it myself. I was quite proud of my mechanical skills, but this morning it broke again.

Wednesday, February 1

SHAME (part two)

My favourite quote comes from the movie Dangerous Liaisons: “You’ll find that shame is just like pain, you only feel it once.”