Saturday, May 5


Brussels is full of beautiful dresses. There were brandnew summerdresses everywhere, on every streetcorner I saw some on display. It wasn't that I needed to buy one, I just enjoyed looking at the different fabrics, the colours and textures, the promise that my life would be better if only I'd be wearing the right dress. Just when I felt completely liberated of my past, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend, who didn't notice me at first. I called out his name, just to see his face when he'd see me, and ask him what on earth he was doing here. There were memories of one long hot summer, the vegetarian meals he once cooked for me, the pictures on his walls and letters he wrote when I was away, in search of myself. At the time it felt like his love for me was somehow a sign of weakness. "Margot," he said and smiled the way he always did. He mentioned facebook and asked if I was on it. And I said: "No, not yet, just google me."