Sunday, June 24


My mother sent a postcard from France, saying she washed her clothes in the rain. Yesterday I called her and we talked a lot about the past. She said there's no point in regretting decisions we once made, we all make wrong decisions, that's just part of life.

Tuesday, June 19


I haven't been in love for so long, and somehow I miss feeling that way. The confusion, the excitement, the insecurity. It's also a cheap way to escape from everyday life. Only the ability to escape seems to make life bearable.

Saturday, June 16


In July I'll be going to France, but only for about two weeks or so. I would love to stay longer, but feel guilty that I have to abandon my cat. Last time I left him he got so bored that he started eating my books. Despite the fact that he has a catsitter, most of my books now have bitemarks on them.

Sunday, June 3


Yesterday I went to the beach to get some sun, the first time this year. My black bikini had faded and now appeared to be too small. It gave me some male attention (the kind I didn't look for) so I decided it was time for a new bathingsuit. I'm now the proud owner of a multi-coloured bikini, which fits perfectly. It also makes me look like I'm sixteen. Well, that's what I tell myself anyway.