Thursday, April 18


For the first time in my life this strange thing has happened: I have a crush on someone younger than me. I guess it could mean a few things a) my midlife crisis has officially started b) on the inside I’m really twenty-two c) I’m a pervert and a cradle snatcher or d) all of the above. He’s a twenty-something young American with a great smile and fluffy hair, who doesn't seem to notice me. Because I was bored I compared our horoscopes on, to see if there was any sexual compatibility. This is what the website said: “Your lovemaking sessions take you to places neither of you has ever gone before; you connect on a spiritual, even psychic level, and your lovemaking becomes a path toward another realm of existence. This may actually be draining for you; you may feel that you've gone too far together -- not in the sense of the sexual act itself, but in the way that it has transported you to a seemingly completely other dimension than what you know as "reality." So I guess I have no choice, I have to sleep with him.