Thursday, May 2


Last weekend I went back to Brussels to visit my friend S. She lives in a great house near the city center, a house which feels like a real home. Somehow being in Brussels always makes me happy, even though I know it was a decision that I made. I had decided I could be happy in Brussels, maybe because of their chocolates and waffles, or maybe because I had no bad memories there. I was anonymous, my hair was clean and I felt  young again. In the station handsome strangers whispered: “Hello pretty girl,” something which never happened to me in my hometown. Their approval made me feel more elegant, more in control. My bags contained a lot of things I didn’t need, like tampons, utensils for removing ticks and handmade jewellery. Other things which I needed I had left at home (a small notebook, a sharpener for my pencils, more books to read). In the metro I decided I wouldn’t worry about my notebook. Everything I really needed was already there.