Wednesday, October 30


Watching a tv-show called Catfish has been one of my guilty pleasures lately, especially after coming home from a long and boring day at work. Somehow I’m intrigued by the fact that so many people seem to fall in love with a complete stranger, someone they’ve only met online. It seems so easy to stare at a picture on your computer, exchange a few sweet lines via various chat functions,  and imagine that indeed this person is the perfect one. Connecting with a stranger somehow feels like a relief, like we can finally open up and be ourselves, drop all the masks we have to carry in our daily lives and liberate ourselves. The internet has made it possible to build intimate relationships with complete strangers, while we wouldn’t even dream of talking to our neighbour who lives in the same street. It shows how a certain distance always creates strong desire, the hope everyone has of a perfect match and a better future, the ability to deceive and be deceived without knowing, the craziness and possibilities of meeting people on the internet. And yes, at the end of the show I always wonder: who would I really like to go out with, Nev or Max?