Friday, November 1


Yesterday I had lunch with a friend, who took me to a brand new fancy restaurant. I didn't expect to go anywhere fancy, so I entered the restaurant wearing sneakers and jeans, and carrying a huge yellow shopping bag.
The bag contained four tins of cat food and a blue hat. I tried to walk like owning a huge yellow shopping bag was very trendy and fashionable, soon big department stores would be selling them at exorbitant prices, I was the first person to introduce this fashion to the ignorant crowd. Luckily I wasn't wearing the hat. My friend ordered a French club sandwich, I ordered risotto with poached eggs, spinach and mushrooms, all covered in a sauce of wine. We talked about my cat, who had bladder inflammation, the joys of work and commuting, trips we were planning to make but hadn't made yet, a gift she recently received. When I left the restaurant I felt slightly tipsy. The risotto had done the trick.