Friday, November 29


“Dear Margot, I trust this message finds you in good health and happiness. My book on early capitalism has recently been published and is very successful. I’m still working as a professor in Vienna, something I never expected and am quite pleased with. My wife and I recently made a trip to the Canary Islands, where we rented a small cottage near the beach. It gave me time to start a new book, work on my lectures, and prepare a presentation on the early trading days of tea, which I will give next week in Norway. My wife and my publisher are very enthusiastic about my new projects, and life in Vienna sort of feels natural. I recently bought a huge villa close to my old university, which will give us the opportunity to meet in private, and I also look forward to retiring there. I feel very comfortable with you, Margot, and I don’t just say this to anyone. I do hope your feelings for me are equally passionate as my feelings for you. Since I will give a lecture on the Rise of Western Capitalism on Friday, I was hoping you could meet me at 9.00 am for a coffee. Unfortunately I will not have time for lunch or dinner, since I am meeting some female students from Amsterdam, who seem very interested in my views on early Capitalism. Being an important professor is not always easy, and very demanding, especially since I travel so much. Well, Margot, I think of you often and send you love, hugs and kisses. Without further notice I assume we will see each other for coffee on Friday at 9.00. Kisses and more kisses, The Very Important Professor.” At 9.00 on a random Friday someone was having coffee alone.