Friday, January 3


When I was young, my mother and I used to visit fortunetellers quite a lot. My mother taped all her interviews with them, and wrote down notes during their conversations, which she filed in a special black book. The idea that someone we didn't know could tell our future, intrigued us both. Most of these fortunetellers told us what we wanted to hear: ‘You will meet the right one in spring, you will soon have a baby, I can already see the soul of this beautiful child.’
Some actually made statements which could have been true, like: ‘The boyfriend you are with now, cannot be trusted. Whatever you do, don’t trust him.’ Others made statements which, looking back now, were completely false. After these conversations I enjoyed listening to the audiotapes or reading though the notes which were carefully filed in her special black book. Eventually the future always surprised us, even in retrospect.