Saturday, October 4


So the impossible has happened: George Clooney finally got married at age 53. While George and Amal Alamuddin are enjoying their honeymoon in the Seychelles, I’m wondering how Amal succeeded where other gorgeous and long legged women did not. Apparently you can meet the world’s most desired bachelor in September 2013 and celebrate your wedding in Venice in September 2014. When George offered his phone number to Amal, she apparently refused. He started e-mailing her, which she thought was funny, but she always waited a few days before she’d reply. I can just imagine her PA saying: “Amal, George sent another e-mail, asking if you’ll go out with him on Saturday night," while she would not look up from her paperwork and simply replied: "Can’t you see I’m busy preparing my next court case, let him wait, he's just another guy."
Apparently waiting for women makes men furious. If there’s a moral to this story it is this: Ladies, do not answer your e-mails straight away. Make him wait. Make him suffer. You can even get George Clooney this way.