Tuesday, April 12


Yesterday I tried to relax, while having white wine and some tapas at the beach. Lately I haven’t been good at relaxing, feeling as if some natural disaster could happen any minute, that I will receive a phone call from a friend who tells me: ‘Yes, Margot, it has happened. The tsunami you were expecting has finally hit my house.’ Some people looked tanned and in control of their lives, I felt I wasn’t one of them. After two glasses of wine the waitress approached me. She wore a bright pink T-shirt and dark glasses and looked slightly intellectual. I imagined she worked on her Phd- thesis at night, something about gender equality in South-Africa, and that working as a waitress was just a bit of fun for her. ‘That guy over there would like to buy you a drink,’ she said, while pointing to an older bearded guy. There was no judgement in her voice, not even a hint of surprise. I looked at the guy, smiled, then turned my face to the sun. As long as bearded strangers were buying me drinks I could relax.