Saturday, April 23


Yesterday someone on the news said: "Prince showed us what it’s like to be self-liberated, and it’s very sexy and hot." While growing up Prince meant everything to me. His music and the world he created with his music were my connection to something larger than life, a promise of a better future, the escape from dull suburbia, sex blended with spirituality, the possibility of being completely understood by someone, the loss of guilt and shame. In fact I have only seen him in concert once, and of course I fainted after a few songs. Two strong men carried me to the first row, someone handed me a chocolate bar. And then it started raining. By that time we were all dancing, completely delirious and wet, nothing seemed to matter anymore. Prince described his music as 'inspirational' and said that you must let your gift be guided by something clearer than yourself. Please try to look sexy as you are guided by his light.